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About Us

Receive a rebate back after closing for using
an in network realtor.

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Patriot Payback

The Patriot Payback Program was first launched by ARC Relocation in 2004 to benefit the men and women of the US Military and the US Federal Law Enforcement community when buying or selling a home.

The program offer a rebate back after closing for using a network realtor as well as other discounts and incentives through mortgage and title company networks.

The program was designed to offer the well needed rebates, incentives, support and resources to help our Military and FLOEs lower costs and save money! As the years progressed word of the Patriot Payback Program spread and the program has become the premier resource used by both Military and Federal Law Enforcement Agents when buying and or selling a home. The program can be used for a PCS and or personal/local move.

Today these incentives and assistance for our patriots are more important that ever. Other programs have stopped and the cost of real estate and demands of the job demand have increased.

Welcome to the Patriot Payback Program! You serve us. WE SERVE YOU!


Why Patriot Payback


The Premier Program When PCS’ing

The Patriot Payback Program offers the highest rebate back after closing to YOU and the largest network of real estate agents!


Rebated Over $300 Million Dollars

The average rebate back is $3,000! Click here for our rebate chart!


Over 150,000 Patriots Registered!

The Patriot Payback Program is the most popular program to help save money when buying or selling a home! 

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Ranked #1 for Customer Service

The knowledge and expertise of our relocation consultants ranks the Patriot Payback Program as # 1 for repeat customers and word of mouth referrals!